NCAA Compliance:

Results Baseball Tournaments are dedicated to following all applicable NCAA legislation.

Results Baseball Tournaments provides development and exposure opportunities to prospective student-athletes, however, we do not act as a recruiting service.

Results Baseball Tournaments are open to any and all entrants. Per NCAA rules, college coaches may serve in any capacity (e.g.,counselor, guest lecturer, consultant) at our showcase tounaments/team camps because we operate in accordance with restrictions applicable to institutional camps.

Our showcase tournaments/team camps are not considered tryouts because our college coaches are working the event and providing instruction to players and teams during and after games. Moreover, coaches are not permitted to offer athletic scholarships on the premises of our events.

Similar to many institutions, we offer these team camps that specialize in instruction, development, and exposure.

Instruction and coaching is an essential pillar of our showcase tournaments/team camps:

During our live games coaches will be teaching the game and helping you develop

Per NCAA rules, we are permitted to offer discounted admission to our showcases but it is based on objective criteria unrelated to athletics abilities. All of these discounts are published and available on an equal basis to all who qualify.